The Environment in the State Senate

The natural landscape of Texas is affected by the state’s political landscape.

By tracking votes in the state Senate, the non-profit group, Environment Texas, has been able to give us an idea of how elected officials from various parts of the state vote on environmental matters.

Using their data, the map here depicts the senators’ lifetime voting records through 2017, with the latest bills addressing tire dumping, wind energy, bee protection, clean air, pollution lawsuits, green infrastructure, electric cars, and fracking enforcement.

Overall, Texas Senate members favored the “environmental” side in 52% of the surveyed votes during the 2017 and prior sessions. Senators Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston), Boris Miles (D-Houston), Kirk Watson (D – Austin) voted for the scored environmental issues at least 90% of the time during their tenure.


Environment Texas. 2018. 2017 Legislative Scorecard. (Accessed 26 November 2018).