This website is a companion to a hard-copy book, The Texas Landscape Project: Nature and People, by David Todd and Jonathan Ogren, with a foreword by Andy Sansom.The atlas was published by Texas A&M University Press in June 2016, as one of the Kathie and Ed Cox Jr. Books on Conservation Leadership, sponsored by the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, at Texas State University.

With over 300 color maps and 100 other figures, the book seeks to give a geographic, visual, accessible look at major environmental events and conservation work in the state, touching on habitat, water, energy, wildlife, and public health issues.

Review comments have been encouraging, and we hope give a promising sign that the atlas will be useful to readers. More information is also available from representatives at the Press at 800-826-8911.

Purchases can be made directly from the Press, or on Amazon, or at your local bookstore.


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