• East Texas pine plantation
    Neches River basin
    Cherokee County, Texas
    31.757583 North
    -95.370519 West
    Copyright: Google 2011
  • Irrigated Panhandle farms
    Palo Duro Reservoir
    Ochiltree County, Texas
    36.345273 North
    -101.202679 West
    Copyright: Google 2011
  • Permian Basin oil/gas wells
    Coyote Corner
    Andrews County, Texas
    32.060464 North
    -102.643261 West
    Copyright: Google 2009

The Conservation History Association of Texas is sponsoring the Texas Landscape Project, a multi-media effort to map and track environmental events and conservation efforts in the state. We hope that you will look through this site, consider its maps, text, data and videos, and gain a better understanding of the role of land, water, energy, wildlife, people and health in Texas’ history.